A Welcome Address

I welcome you all, very warmly, to the new year.  We thank God for the grace to have ended 2021 well. We thank you all for the engagement, interaction and sharing of wonderful ideas that have motivated, encouraged and made an impact on our work, on the languages of Nigeria.

2022 promises to be a very fruitful year. We have many activities lined up. We look forward to each and every one of them as we explore different  aspects of Nigerian languages – major, minor, big and small – all of them with such interesting features!

2022 marks the beginning of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (IDIL2022-2032). As UNESCO strives to build a ‘global community for the preservation, revitalization and support of indigenous languages worldwide’, let us key into this intervention as we step up our work on our languages, being critical stakeholders in the global action plan of the IDIL2022-2032.

We look forward to a year of wonderful work on Nigerian languages. It is our hope that we continue to explore ways of developing our languages. God bless us all, especially, with new insights.

Prof. Imelda Udoh, FLAN, FNAL

President, LAN

“Today’s language is yesterday’s perceptual experience.”
Max Louwerse

The Strategic Plan

The LAN’s Strategic Plan outlines our mission, values, goals, and objectives. The continuing programs of the LAN are focused in the following areas:.