The Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) was founded in 1980. The Association has over 500 members. It was formed primarily among other goals to:

  1. provide a foundation for the study of Nigerian languages;
  2. provide a forum for sharing ideas on the scholarly study of these languages and their literatures with a view to developing them;
  3. initiate, encourage and support scholarly research in this field for scientific purposes and advice of the government;
  4. establish and publish learned journals;
  5. cooperate with other associations or bodies that have similar goals.
    The Association regulates activities relating to the languages of Nigeria. It collaborates with other agencies of government and non-government to carry out series of development and advocacy campaigns in favour of Nigerian languages and cultures. LAN is also concerned with the linguistic situation in Nigeria and has tried over the years to find solutions to some of Nigeria’s linguistic challenges.
    The membership of LAN is drawn mostly from the departments of linguistics in universities across the country and abroad.
    The Association meets annually to share reports, publications, and other activities to advance its cause. JOLAN, the Association’s journal, and other scholarly language related works are also published annually and circulated at the conference.