The Global Pandemic, of which Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), is the dominant one, took the world by the jugular. What started in China in late 2019 as a mere epidemic soon ravaged the entire globe and became a pandemic in the next two years to come. Apart from the over 700 million people that were infected, well over six million deaths were equally recorded. This outbreak and its variants caused a
disequilibeum in the linguistic, educational, social, economic, religious and cultural equations all over the world, bringing a new normal to bear. While for a short time, people were confined to their different domains and gatherings, meetings, assemblage, congregation, etc, became absolutely impossible. Citizens of the globe later woke up to the realities of this scourge and after a short while, people realized the enormity and the limitations of being isolated. This was when virtual meetings gathering and assemblage became the order of the day for interpersonal and inter-group communication. Learning centres were shut down to follow the order of social distancing, as a precautionary measures against the infectious virus disease that has rampaged the world. Schools and institutions of learning were
constrained to seek alternatives to teaching styles. Nigerian languages, literatures and cultures were not left out in this Coronavirus quagmire. It is against the above background that the Linguistic Association of Nigeria is taking a critical look at how this nightmare has adversely affected Nigerian languages, literatures and Culture and the entire Universe through its 34th Conference of the Linguistic


Sub-themes for the Conference include but not limited to the following:
Ÿ Nigerian Languages and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Nigerian Culture and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Nigerian Literature and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Indigenous Media and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Indigenous Medicine and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Literacy and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Indigenous Religions and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Indigenous Knowledge System and the Challenges of Global Pandemic
Ÿ Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Semantics and Syntax of Nigerian Languages
Ÿ Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis, etc. of Nigerian Languages
Ÿ Psycholinguistics, Neuro-linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Lexicography, Translation, Language Typology, of Nigerian
Languages, etc.

The Local Organising Committee, on behalf of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria, is pleased to officially inform members of LAN and the general public that the 34th CLAN will hold from 9th October to 13th October 2022 at the Federal University Lokoja, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. Intending participants are expected to send an abstract of 250 words written in English to contain title of paper, author(s) names, affiliation, full addresses, sub-theme of discussion and at least 5 keywords. Abstract should be in Microsoft word and forwarded to: DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACT: July 31, 2022.
CONFERENCE DATE: October 09-13, 2022.
VENUE: University Auditorium, Adankolo Campus. ARRIVAL: Sunday October 09, 2022
PLENARY/PARALLEL SESSIONS (Cont’d): Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12, October 2022
DEPARTURE: Thursday October 13, 2022.

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